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Welcome to FemCity’s Podcast; Business for Your Soul.  Business and life should blend with positivity, community and an embrace of soulfulness. Business for Your Soul Podcast captures real life inspiration from every day women that designed and created their envisioned life. Through mindset shifts, transformational moments and revelatory experiences, this podcast will leave you with all the feels of inspiration, good vibes and smiles. Co-hosts Violette de Ayala and Cheyenne Palma Dominguez along with weekly guests bring you stories, humor and diverse insights on the latest trends. Join us weekly for soulful conversations with a blend of business and trends. 



Apr 18, 2019

FemCity Podcast, Business for Your Soul with Violette de Ayala and Cheyenne Dominguez with Guest Tracey Olhausen


Successful businesses while traveling
How to overcome challenges 
Specific tools/resources that have been helpful t
Business relationships and how traveling supports networking
Advice for FEMS...

Apr 14, 2019

Finding and living your purposeā€¦

-connecting to the clarity of purpose

-finding the way to make it a reality

-struggles and challenges

-how do you stay connected when you get a negative email or post

-final inspiration

Apr 11, 2019

Giselle Mascarenhas Villarreal joined the FemCity podcast as a guest. The episode covers :

-finding clarity

-how to make the shift

-what were some of the struggles

-how do you stay on task

-final inspiration

Feb 8, 2019

In The Conscious Path to Love with Global FEM Sarah Sparks and FemCity president Cheyenne Dominguez, Sarah describes what the conscious path means and how it can benefit FEMS in their businesses and relationships. In 5 steps, to be performed in order, she invites listeners to explore their highest, purest energy...

Feb 8, 2019

Standing in the Power of You! features our mesmerizing Global FEM Dr. Gail Hayes. With moderator, Cheyenne Dominguez, president of FemCity, Dr. Gail tells us why learning to "stand alone and whole on their own" is necessary for women. With an impressive resume as a published author, speaker, seasoned coach (and former...