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Welcome to FemCity’s Podcast; Business for Your Soul.  Business and life should blend with positivity, community and an embrace of soulfulness. Business for Your Soul Podcast captures real life inspiration from every day women that designed and created their envisioned life. Through mindset shifts, transformational moments and revelatory experiences, this podcast will leave you with all the feels of inspiration, good vibes and smiles. Co-hosts Violette de Ayala and Cheyenne Palma Dominguez along with weekly guests bring you stories, humor and diverse insights on the latest trends. Join us weekly for soulful conversations with a blend of business and trends. 



Oct 31, 2018

Global FEM Nathalie V Martin led "Business Partners + Still Married for FEMS who are considering going into business with their spouse or partner. Nathalie provided us an intimate look at how she and her husband manage to set boundaries, address challenges, accept and provide constructive feedback, and appreciate each...

Oct 31, 2018

FemCity Founder Violette de Ayala and FemCity Global Member and International Entrepreneur Fanny Havel shared advice and tips on how to grow your business and brand globally. 


Topics covered: 

Why grow your business globally

How it helps you

Three ways to get started on growing your business globally today



Oct 24, 2018

FemCity Founder and CEO, Violette de Ayala and FemCity Global Member Melissa Blettner shared tips, advice and actionable steps on how to level up your business. 

Melissa gave three steps on how to start to level up business and offered inspiration to those feeling a bit stuck in their current business mode. 


Oct 17, 2018

Cheyenne Palma Dominguez, FemCity President and Melissa Blettner, FemCity Global Member covered the topic "HOW TO SET YOUR PRICES".

Melissa Blettner shared why pricing is so important in business and why it’s one of the most difficult things to do. She also walked listeners through step-by-step instructions...

Oct 17, 2018

Violette de Ayala, Founder + CEO of FemCity and Cheyenne Palma Dominguez, FemCity President covered the topic "HOW TO BE MEMORABLE".

Violette and Cheyenne discussed the business advantages of being memorable and shared some of the most memorable businesses they’ve both encountered. Each offered suggestions that any...