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Soulful conversations with female entrepreneurs, executives and change-makers covering topics on personal growth, professional development, mindset shifts and an array of additional trending topics all created to uplift, elevate and collectively add inspiration, motivation and good vibes.

Dec 17, 2019


Founder at Empower Business Club

Lena joins us and shares her story of listening to the universe to find your path and finding her course. 

Through her website, Lena Benjamin empowers business globally by tapping into over 20 years of multifaceted experience to incite action and progress....

Dec 10, 2019


Founder of The Stork Bag

Ericka Perry shares her story of creating her business and some great wisdom on re-programming our thoughts, reaching our goals, and more.

Ericka is a successful businesswoman and dedicated mother and wife. She started her first business, MommyMaiDD Services, Inc. in March of 2012...

Nov 25, 2019

Renée Greenstein, Founder and Designer of Women With Control® and Attitudes by Renée® joins us and shares her story of how she got where she is today, plus TONS of wisdom she learned on the way. 

Renée Greenstein is Founder and Designer of Women With Control® and Attitudes by Renée®. Two top selling fashion...

Nov 19, 2019

Danielle Pierce, founder of Women, Wealth & Real Estate shares her story of pushing forward against walls and why it's so important to get your mindset right and find community. 

Danielle is a full time real estate entrepreneur with over a decade of trial and error. She's committed to helping individuals succeed in the...

Oct 30, 2019

Sarah Morgan, Founder of Even Health shares her story of taking her love for science to help support people that take medication to minimize the side effects to help them feel awesome while taking their prescriptions.  

Sarah Morgan is a modern-day inventor. Known for her innovative ideas that connect science...