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Soulful conversations with female entrepreneurs, executives and change-makers covering topics on personal growth, professional development, mindset shifts and an array of additional trending topics all created to uplift, elevate and collectively add inspiration, motivation and good vibes.

Jan 11, 2019

FemCity Founder Violette de Ayala and FemCity Richmond Hill Leader, CPA and Money Wellness Coach shared ways to Goal Set for the New Year. 


Carol shared actionable steps on how to goal set, stick to goals and the importance in the various stages along the way. 

Jan 11, 2019

FemCity Founder Violette de Ayala and Chrystal Rose Founder of Rebellia Clothing and Fitness Coach led a class on "How to Achieve Your Goals". 

Chrystal shared actionable tips on how to achieve your goals, what to do when you lost site of goals and how to get back on track. 

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Jan 11, 2019

FemCity Founder, Violette de Ayala and RoseMarie Couture DeSaro led a class on "How to Design Your Year". 


Roe shared actionable steps to take starting today, and inspiration and proven tips to help you create the year you envision. 


To connect with Roe, please visit @BeAGutsyGal

Jan 11, 2019

Founder of FemCity, Violette de Ayala and Kristi Oen [CRPS/RSD Conqueror] led a class on "Productivity with Time Blocking". 


Kristi shared inspiration, tips on how to be in control of your schedule and manage your time to increase your sales, revenue and wealth.


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Jan 11, 2019

Founder of FemCity Violette de Ayala and Marketing Expert and Guru Lorrie Ross Thomas [Founder of Web Marketing Therapy] led a class on "How to go from Expert to Authority". 


Lorrie shared tips on how this helps your business grow and tips on how to get started today. 


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