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Welcome to FemCity’s Podcast; Welcome to FemCity’s Podcast: Capturing real life inspiration from every day women that designed and created their envisioned life through starting their business. Through mindset shifts, transformational moments and revelatory experiences, this podcast will leave you with all the feels of inspiration, good vibes and smiles. Founder of FemCity, Violette de Ayala, along with weekly guests, brings you founder stories and diverse insights. Join us weekly for soulful business conversations.

Feb 1, 2021

Join FemCity Founder + CEO, Violette de Ayala for The FemCity Podcast with featured guest Jessica Bellinger

Jessica shares her founding story and plenty of inspiration along the way! 

About Jessica Bellinger // Jessica is a professional wedding photographer, e-commerce entrepreneur, and writer. She realized the secret to victorious living is not self-care or self-love, but hyper self-awareness of our thoughts, emotions, and behavior—and how to change them at will. 

Jessica is the author of The Humility Paradox: How Humble People Can Be Happier, Achieve More, and Make a Better Living.  She is dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs a refreshing way to live a fulfilling lifestyle. She also hosts her own Podcast called "Humble Business with Jessica Bellinger", and has online courses that include similar topics to her book. She teaches about mindset, motivation, personal and business fulfillment. 

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