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Soulful conversations with female entrepreneurs, executives and change-makers covering topics on personal growth, professional development, mindset shifts and an array of additional trending topics all created to uplift, elevate and collectively add inspiration, motivation and good vibes.

Feb 21, 2018

Founder of FemCity, Violette de Ayala and FemCity Global Member Vernice Bell shared why it's important to love yourself, be confident and how its connected to your revenue and business. 

Topics Covered :

Why it is important to love yourself

How does it help you in business

What are some examples of how this helps in business



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Violette is the Founder of FemCity // an online global network featuring business and lifestyle trends with over 70 local communities designed exclusively for women. Violette is also a business coach,  motivational speaker, small business consultant, writer and mother of three. As a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, Violette is passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs through business growth, big vision strategies and positivity along the way. She's been seen in CNBC, Success, Entrepreneur, People and InStyle Publications.   Follow Violette de Ayala // @violettedeayala