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Soulful conversations with female entrepreneurs, executives and change-makers covering topics on personal growth, professional development, mindset shifts and an array of additional trending topics all created to uplift, elevate and collectively add inspiration, motivation and good vibes.

Feb 8, 2019

Global FEM Melissa Ward of NewWard Development led a dynamic Masterclass, How to Embrace SEO. The live class was shocked full of questions from listeners. With Cheyenne Dominguez, president of FemCity, serving as moderator, Melissa recommends specific steps and actions to optimize how people find your business when they search Google. Melissa discusses how to implement Google Analytics, create thoughtful content that your unique audience can appreciate, how to answer customer questions by creating blog posts, and so much more. Melissa also shared a real-life example of one business that went from just $1k/month in sales to a banner revenue month of $12k in sales by implementing SEO strategies.